Sunday, June 05, 2011

Joelle turns 14 and is now a MIA Maid

Joelle's new MIA Maid leaders brought her a fun birthday cookie. The candles on her cake have different colored flames. Happy Birthday Joelle, 14 years have gone by way too fast.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Joelle and her art teacher and her sculpture.

Come and visit and you can see her sculpture up close and personal and then make a guess as to who you think he is.

Steve was awarded the Silver Beaver

In 1964 Grandpa Osborne was presented the Silver Beaver. One of the highest awards in scouting. His name was on the program that included Steve's biography. It was a very nice event and an honor for Steve. Congratulations on receiving your Silver Beaver.

Touring Palmyra!!

Time in Rochester NY with the Christensens

In front of the Christensen's home, with the Christensens, of course.
This is the Susan B Anthony home. I loved the history of women's sufferage.

Jimmermania--We had it in Las Vegas!!

It is true, we have around 100 pictures of Jimmer doing pretty much everything. From sitting on the bench to talking to the coach to playing defense, but this we'll leave that to your imagination. For more info check out Joelle's amazing BYU basketball blog.

Alan's Birthday Party, 2011

Grandma Roberts at home in Pocatello, Jan 2011

This year was the year of Jimmer

Joelle loved watching Jimmer in the Marriot Center.

Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert 2011

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pumpkin Paatch

The search for the perfect pumpkin begins. Cousins make the best friends.

Lucky us!!! After salsa we got to have a boys sleep
over. Boys are great guests. After the pumpkin patch
we popped popcorn turned on a movie and everybody went to sleep.

We love our vinyl decorated pumpkins!!!

Alaska Cruise September 2010

It is beautiful. At Juneau.
Our Cruise Ship docked in Juneau.

Alan at the only land based Glacier in the world.

On the ship. The weather was beautiful
the entire trip.

Joelle with the Grand Champion

Cassia County Fair 2010

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Ode to Dirt

As most of you know I have been spending alot of time going through an amazing amount of my mother's and grandmother's collections of stuff. Most quotes and poems I have simply had to dispose of, but for some reason this poem appeals to me. Especially when I think of being a young mother with a house full of children. Thought you all might like it too. This poem was published in June 1985.

Dirty dishes, dirty laundry,
Dirty diapers, dirty floors,
Dirty walls, and dirty oven,
Dirty fingerprints on doors;

Filthy toilets, smudgy windows,
Muddy footprints, dusty stands,
Dirty trash, and dirty garbage,
Little children's dirty hands.

Sneaky dustballs, creepy cobwebs,
Crayon faces on the wall,
All combine to war against me--
Me, alone, against them all!

Still I battle bravely onward,
Till there's no more strength to borrow,
And each night I sleep victorious--
Just to find more dirt tomorrow!

So it seems a losing battle.
Fighting dirt takes all my time.
How can I remain "unspotted"
In a world of dirt and grime?

When my life on earth has ended
And my hands no longer hurt,
When the fight I've fought is finished
And I'm buried deep in dirt.

When my eyes at last are opened
And I see that heavenly shore,
Will I find the rest I've worked for--
Free from every grimy chore?

Will my days be long and restful?
Will my home stay squeaky clean?
Will I spend my time in leisure,
Like a spoiled and pampered queen?

Will I garden dirtless flowers?
Will my windows gleam and shine?
Will my hands stay soft and silky
As a blossom on the vine?

Will my dishes never soil?
Will my floors stay shining bright?
Will my laundry never mildew
While I lounge from morn till night?

Or when I receive my glory,
Could it be? Aya, there's the rub--
Will I find, in that great mansion
More celestial floors to scrub!

Dawn Varner

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lagoon, By the end of the Day

It was very hot and we got very thirsty!!!!!
But all in all it as a grat day.

I think Heather was making fun of my riding abilities.

At the end of the day we took it easy with a few
fun rides. Joelle had never ridden bumper cars.

One last down turn on Jetstar.

Fun at Lagoon 2010

Alan and Joelle are fearless.
We enjoyed the day.

They liked it so much they went twice.

After the first time on Wicked.

If you look close you will find Alan, Joelle and Heather.

More pictures of Baby Grant, Minus the IV.

Joelle was so glad to finally get home from girl's camp
and meet Grant.

James: Turning 1 on July 22, 2010

How lucky!! We got to tend this adorable little boy
for 1 week while his parents and siblings went to CA.

Grant Lyle Andersen born July 5, 2010

Our first picture of Grant on July 6, 2010.
Holding Grant for the first time in the NICU

There are times when we reflect on the important aspects of life. The week of Grant's birth was cetainly one of those times. We had already enjoyed 2 priesthood blessings in two days. The baptisim and confirmation of Gracie and the blessing of Dallin.
On the morning of July 6, when Brandon called and asked Alan to hurry over to the hospital to help give Lindsay a blessing, we really had no idea how important that blessing would be. I was grateful, as we made our way to Twin Falls, that Brandon and Alan had the priesthood. I thought of how we take that power for granted so much of the time. That priesthood blessings and ordinances become almost common place for those of us who have had the priesthood always in our lives. I think most of you know that we spent a couple of hours with Brandon and Lindsay and then with assurance from the nurse that the bleeding had stopped and Lindsay would be feeling better in a couple of hours, we left to come home. As I walked in the door at home a few hours later we received the call from John that Lindsay had been rushed into emergency surgery with the possibility of a hysterectomy to stop the bleeding. The trip back to Twin Falls was a long one. I tried to remember the words of the blessing that Brandon had given Lindsay that morning. I remembered some words but not many and I knew how drastically the situation had changed. However, I did remeber some of Elder Oaks talk from the priesthhood session of conference this April. I knew that he had said that the words spoken in a healing blessing were not the most important thing. I would encourage all of you to take time to review that talk. It was a powerful talk about blessings of the sick. I found comfort in that knowledge. I know that there were miracles that took place that day. I know that the restoration of the priesthood plays a part in our lives every day. It is with much joy and gratitude that I thank Heavenly Father that my husband, sons and sons-in -laws are able to bring the blessings of the priesthood into our family. I look forward to the blessing day of little Grant. I know that he is a great addition to our family.

4th of July celebrating

Kaitlyn and Gracie in their cute 4th attire.
Joelle and Rachel

Celebrating at the park !!!!


Kyle and Joelle

Rachel and Abbey

Lydia and Hannah

The girl's took my camera and took all of these great pictures.
Robbie you may have a hard time hanging on to the title of family